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Why Customer Service?

Ed Wade • January 7, 2020


I have, what many would consider, an unhealthy obsession with customer service! There are not many things in this world that wind me up more than poor customer service - something I am sure that my wife will attest to!

I have worked in customer service or support my entire career. I started working as an eCommerce Cashier where part of my time was spent on the phone assisting users with online payments as well as handling face to face interactions and emails. I then moved on to be an IT Help Desk Assistant which is pretty much what it says on the tin - providing support within a University to staff, students and visitors. After taking voluntary redundancy I became a Data Manager/Web Applications Developer where my role expanded to cover IT and Tech support internally and to the companies customers! Customer service is less pronounced in my current role but as a developer, if I don't think about the customer's experience, I won't create something they enjoy using!

It's from these experiences of working in customer service, as well as being on the receiving end of some abysmal and exemplary customer service that have driven my passion for this area!

I am a complainer, I'll admit. I am every customer service agents worst nightmare! If I don't have my own ringtone in 90% of call centers, I'd be amazed! I've been like it from a young age; shopping in Tesco when I was young (about 7 years old if memory serves right) and I wanted to check the price of something so went to one of those price checker scanners they had but it wasn't working. No bother, I went and asked someone for the price. However, we went in to the same Tesco a few days later and the thing still wasn't working - I went up to the Customer Services counter and duly informed them of my experience and suggested they get it fixed and I've been like it ever since!

My plan is to create a course covering some of my knowledge and experiences and help agents and companies provide a better service to their customers - after all without your customers, you're going to struggle to stay in business. I'm also going to be writing about some experiences I've had, the good and the bad, and what they could have done better or what they did really well - I might be a serial-complainer but I'm willing to applaud someone when they get it right!

Check back for more posts and some quick-win tips as well as updates on when my course will be ready and where!