It's been a while

Ed Wade • September 8, 2020


I started this blog with the absolute best of intentions - I've done it before, a lot!! Started a blog, written a post, given up! I think there's an unconcious pressure in tech to have a blog and Twitter feed and it be constantly updated with the latest thing you've done, clever hot tip, or a new package you've built! There are some amazing bloggers in PHP, Laravel and tech more generally that I admire - the content they're able to create is amazing both in terms of quality and quantity. I think my falldown is that I feel like I need to keep up with them somehow! Never mind they've been doing it for several years, I must write a blog post at least once a week or I've failed!

But recently, I've been thinking, who gives a s***! This is my blog! I can write 11 posts a day or 1 post each decade! I don't need (or intend) to make a penny off of it so why the pressure! It should be fun, for me - forget what anyone else thinks! It can be a record for me of stuff I've learnt, want to learn or just find interesting. Does it matter if it's dev related? Nope!

So, it has been a while - and it might be a while again (although I do actually have some ideas of what to blog about!). I'm going to do some reorganisation of stuff in terms of how stuff is categorised so I can literally write about anything I like (and be wholly unapologetic about it!)!

See you soon, hopefully!!