Just submitted my first ever CFP! cover image

Just submitted my first ever CFP!

Ed Wade • December 18, 2019


Emotion for the day: terrified!

Today is the day I have submitted my first ever CFP for a conference of any size at all and quite honestly, it's scary! At the same time, I'm incredibly excited at the same time though! Excited to potentially stand up in front of a room of people and talk to them about a subject. I'll keep the subject of the talk secret until I get selected - not sure why, just feels like fun!!

I've long thought about submitting a talk to a conference - I always think it's something I should do to give back to the community! I've watched so many talks on YouTube and attended a local conference before and learnt a massive amount from them so it's been an idea on my radar for a while. The reason I've never submitted one before is down to nothing more than a complete lack of confidence! I've been working at Box for the last 5 months and my confidence has grown massively - that's down to the amazing people that I work alongside. Teaching me, mentoring me and helping me to build my confidence! If it wasn't for them, I absolutely would not have submitted this talk!!

I'll keep you posted on how it goes - CFP closes on the 4th Jan so will find out some time after that whether I get picked!!