January 7, 2020

Why Customer Service?

I have, what many would consider, an unhealthy obsession with customer service! There are not many things in this world that wind me up more than poor customer service - something I am sure that my...


January 2, 2020

My 2019 in review

This will be my first ever 'Year In Review' but hopefully not my last! I'm going to go back a little from 2019 by 3 months to give some context around why 2019 went the way it did so bear with me for...


December 18, 2019

Just submitted my first ever CFP!

Emotion for the day: terrified! Today is the day I have submitted my first ever CFP for a conference of any size at all and quite honestly, it's scary! At the same time, I'm incredibly excited at...


October 23, 2019

Remote working

I consider myself to be very fortunate that I work in the industry that I do! I also consider myself very lucky to be working at the company that I do too! One of the reasons for that, is that I get...